About me

It all started with my own research. As a child, I listened to my grandparents’ stories about their pre-war life and the towns they came from – Pinsk in today’s Belarus, Buchach in Ukraine, Jarocin in Greater Poland and Lipno, a small village in Volhynia.

After the Second World War, Ruta, Janusz, Anatalia and Gienek met in one place that would connect their stories – Wrocław, where my parents, my brother and I were later born.

Browsing the photographs and letters, and listening to my great-grandparents stories, made me wonder what we had in common. I was thinking about what made them who they were and what has led them to make such and not other decisions in their lives. All this contemplation made me even more eager to dig and learn about my ancestors and thus understand my own origin.

After graduation from the University of Wrocław, I’ve moved to Warsaw with one thing on my mind: to find my own way. After a while I’ve managed to land a job in the Genealogy Department of the Jewish Historical Institute and that’s how it really got started for me. The experience helped me to connect the “dots” in my own family research, I’ve learned how to ask the right questions and more importantly how to listen and approach each person individually. I also learned that impossible is sometimes possible and that the answers are hiding in the most surprising places.

Few years have passed in a blink of an eye and I decided it’s time for a change. I moved back to my beloved hometown and started working in a private research company. There I’ve managed to deepen my expertise on the religions of the inhabitants of pre-war Poland and thanks to my knowledge to read Russian, German, Latin and Hebrew, I feel comfortable with each case.

In answer to quite a considerable and global demand, I finally made a decision to move forward with my people-helping mission and have started my own research company. Everyday I’m approached by people from all across the globe and I help them to find their Polish roots. 

My spare time is being divided into couple of my passions such as skiing, hiking, playing theremin and discovering forgotten stories of pre-war inhabitants of my favorite place in the world – Karkonosze and Jizera Mountains in Lower Silesia.

You can learn more about the stories I’ve discovered on my blog.

I will help you with:

  • searching for your Polish ancestors based on the vital records (birth, marriage and death certificates) and other available documents
  • discovering and understanding family secrets

  • locating the place of origin

  • translating documents

  • finding living relatives

If you have any questions,
leave a message


You share the information about your ancestors and goals.


I prepare a plan and a cost estimate. Once you accept my offer, I start the research.


You receive a detailed report with copies of documents and a plan for the next stages of research.

You will find more information in the section below



Direct contact: info@martamackowiak.com

Wysyłając tę wiadomość zgadzasz się z moją polityką prywatności.

I will reply to your inquiry within 3 working days and this part is free of charge. Perhaps I will ask you a few additional questions or will present a research plan.

The more details you provide, the more things I can discover so I please share everything you know, especially:

  • Names and surnames of your ancestors
  • Places of birth and residence
  • Dates of birth, marriage and death
  • Information about siblings, cousins and other relatives
  • Emigration details
  • Family stories

And most importantly – if you have little information, don’t worry. I will find a solution in such situations as well.

Based on the gathered information (yours and mine), I will prepare a plan and a quote – if you accept it, I will ask you to send me the down payment and I start the research. Usually it takes about 1 month and if takes longer, I keep you updated.

The final report consists of  copies of documents, translations, maps and a summary. I describe the whole process, explain the connection between certain people, mention the sources and the historical context. I also present further possibilities.

Sometimes a specific act may not be found for various reasons – migrations, gaps in the records, destruction of documents in a fire or during wars. In such cases the price doesn’t change as the same amount of effort is put in a research regardless the final result.

The reports may differ more or less depending on the place where the family came from (e.g. documents from the Prussian, Austrian and Russian partitions differ in form, language and content).