The forgotten story of Ida Scholz from Kunzendorf Gräflich

Between Kwieciszowice (German: Blumendorf) and Proszowa (German: Kunzendorf Gräflich), two villages in the Izera Mountains, there is a small, forgotten cemetery. It is easy to overlook it when you do not know about it, but the enthusiasts of cemetery trips will certainly notice a suspicious little grove in the middle of the field.

Cmentarzyk w Proszowej
Cmentarzyk w Proszowej

Fot. Marta Maćkowiak

Paulina Ida from Blumendorf (Polish: Kwieciszowice)

Tall, evenly planted trees still indicate the main avenue leading to several collapsed crypts and a ruined shrine.

On the right and left, you can see a lot of nameless tombstones, broken pieces of plates and a few ones on which it is possible to read something. One of them is Ida Fischer’s plate, whose story I decided to explore.

Nagrobek Idy Fischer Scholz w Proszowej

Fragment aktu ślubu Laury Cohn i Josefa Ringa z adnotacją o przyjęciu drugiego imienia – Sara, / Źródło: Archiwum Państwowe we Wrocławiu

Proszowa 25

According to the tombstone inscription, Ida Fischer née Scholz, was born on September 1, 1875, and died on February 7, 1927, at 51. According to the death certificate I managed to find, Paulina Ida died in her house at Proszowa 25.

Her husband, Robert Fischer, reported the death, who, as it turns out later, will outlive the whole family.

Akt zgonu Idy Scholz Fischer

The death certificate of Paulina Ida Fischer nee Scholz / Source: The State Archive in Wrocław (branch in Jelenia Góra)

Illegitimate daughter

Robert and Ida were married for 27 years. They got married on December 10, 1900, in Kwieciszowice.

Robert was born in Rębiszów (German Rabishau) on January 20, 1867. He was the son of the merchant Ferdinand Wilhelm Fischer and Christina Ernestine née Glaubitz.
Paulina Ida was born on September 1, 1875 at 2 a.m. in a house at number 64 in Kwieciszowice (Germa Blumendorf) as the illegitimate daughter of Christina Gottwald, who lived with her mother, Leonora Gottwald née Gebauer.

4 years later, on July 22, 1879, Ida’s mother, Christina Augusta Gottwald, the daughter of a master blacksmith Karl Gottwald and Johanna née Gebauer, married Ernst Gustav Scholz the son of Ernst Gustav and Gusta née Menzel, in the Evangelical church in Proszowa. During the wedding, the groom admitted to be Paulina Ida’s father.

In 1903, Ida’s mother died, while her father died in 1917 – we can learn from their death certificates that they lived in Proszowa at number 53.

The history written in stone could at least become the history of people who once lived in this beautiful place – Ida, her ancestors and her husband, Robert, who lived and worked for a while because his name appears in the address book from 1935/1936.

The marriage record of Robert Fischer and Paulina Ida Scholz / Source: The State Archive in Wrocław (branch in Jelenia Góra)

Old Protestant church in Proszowa  (Kunzendorf Gräflich)/ Source:

Akt urodzenia Pauliny Idy Gottwald Scholz

The birth certificate of Paulina Ida Scholz/Source: The State Archive in Wrocław (branch in Jelenia Góra)

Robert Fischer w księdze adresowej z 1935/1936 roku


  • Archiwum Państwowe we Wrocławiu oddział w Jeleniej Górze

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